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         Frank T. Pugliese                                David M. Maggio

Founder/Chairman Emeritus                              President/CEO

Our Management Team

Personal Financial Profiles, Inc. is an SEC registered investment advisory firm with offices located in Coral Springs and Naples, Florida. It was established in 1989 by Frank T. Pugliese, CIMA®, CFS®, RFC® who has over 49 years experience in the financial planning industry, serving a national clientele. Our expertise is in the areas of investor profiling, asset allocation, portfolio design, ongoing asset management and additional subjects that are pertinent to sound financial planning. 

David M. Maggio is President and CEO of Personal Financial Profiles, Inc.

David brings over 25 years experience in the financial planning industry serving a national clientele with an expertise in the areas of investor profiling, asset allocation, portfolio design, and ongoing asset management, directed with integrity and professionalism.

We believe the average American investor is finding it very difficult to keep up with today’s uncertain financial times. The need for stability hasn’t changed, but the demand for the most up-to-date reliable information has.

Today’s investor is more knowledgeable and cautious, diligently analyzing every alternative. Our associates are educated in various specialty fields of finance and participate regularly in industry related continuing education programs to provide our clientele with the most up-to-date financial information.

At Personal Financial Profiles, Inc., we  are  committed  to  providing  the  quality  information  and  resources  necessary  to  fulfill our client’s financial goals.

David M. Maggio




David M. Maggio is President & CEO of Personal Financial Profiles, Inc. (PFP), an SEC registered investment advisory firm with offices conveniently located in Coral Springs and Naples, Florida. 

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Frank T. Pugliese, CIMA®, CFS®, RFC®

Founder/Chairman Emeritus



Frank T. Pugliese, CIMA®, CFS®, RFC® is Chairman Emeritus of Personal Financial Profiles, Inc. (PFP), an SEC registered investment advisory firm. PFP is an affiliate of Pugliese Financial Corp., founded...

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Let’s face it, don’t you deserve to have your assets managed in the same prudent and professional
manner as the largest and most sophisticated investors?

Wouldn’t you like this service to be performed on a fee basis?


Call us to find out how at 239.598.9141.

Our Process

Personal Financial Profiles, Inc. was founded with the belief that the interests of our clients must always come first. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information and guidance necessary to make sound financial decisions.


We provide a full range of financial services which seeks to protect and increase financial assets. Our process is designed to provide you with a profile of your current financial standing, as well as information about how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


Here is what our advisory process will do for you:


  • Help you to identify your financial goals.
  • Define your tolerance to investment risk.
  • Structure a personal investment plan utilizing management tools of most major financial institutions.
  • Develop a well-diversified portfolio specific to your needs.
  • Measure the efficiency of total portfolio risks and rewards.
  • Monitor your portfolio’s performance.
  • Provide you with timely reports and regular meetings.
  • Keep you informed of current issues and global events that could impact your finances.


Prior to engagement, you will be provided  a PFP Registered Investment Advisor ADV Form Part 2 (Updated 04/10/2023) and a client planning agreement which includes a complete description of our fees and charges, as required by law.